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Faux crystal Staircase style cake stands W top- 6 sizes buy separatley


Faux crystal Staircase style cake stands- 6 sizes buy separately

Alll stands are sold individually.

Commercial premium quality and are prfect for cake makers, event planners and brides-2-be who want a perfect quality finish

 Made in faux  acrylic crystal finish 

The stands sizes :

5cm tall x 40cm diameter  ( will take up to a 40cm/16" cake board)

 10cm tall x 35cm diameter ( will take up to a 35cm/14" cake board) 

20cm tall x 30cm diameter ( will take up to a 30cm/12" cake board) 

30cm tall x 25cm diameter ( will take up to a 25cm/10" cake board) 

40cm tall x 20cm diameter ( will take up to a 20cm/8" cake board) 

50cm tall x 15cm diameter ( will take up to a 15cm/6" cake board )


All  stand sizes have a an acrylic top and base plate with 3 soild centre acrylic support for that invisible floating effect with mirror top and crystal effect edging

The stands are very robust and designed to hold heavier cakes - with 3 soild pillars between 2 plates for added strength and stability

: These stands come flat pack - to assemble each tier there are 3 screws on the top plate and 3 screws on the bottom plate that needs screwing between the pillars.

 Led Lights mat be added to the stands and can be purchase in our decoration sections


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