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Feather & diamante design wedding cake stand & riser set 12" round


Elegant Feather & diamante design wedding cake stand  

12" round base cake stand and middle riser set ( we can make 10" -20" sizes)  

Real feathers surrounding the base with a beautiful crystal brooch and fan feather design on the side of the stand

It s recommended that you purchase a base stand that is at least  2 inch larger then your bottom cake - this is to allow the mirror edge to show 1"! all the way around the edge of your cake)

  We can use Fluffy marabou, smooth Swan feather or elegant Ostrich feathers, so please leave a note of the colour and style below  

Diamante/crystal effect finish: There are no real crystal stones in the banding as The indentation on the diamante band gives the appearance of a diamond because of optical illusion.


Approx measurements of the feather BASE STAND :


5 inches in height in


This stand has been tested to safely hold weights of 80kg+ and will hold a 6  tier cake, easliy.


The Feather cake riser for between the cakes   is made of light weight acrylic and real feathers with diamante trim and measures:


14cm diameter on the top which is open ended and is perfect for cake size 6" and larger to sit on.

Feather style and colour required?

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