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L: I: Real crystal Ice cake stand 18" round


The 'Ice' crystal cake stand set is a Full chandelier style round shape

Is made with thousands of Real glass clear crystals in a 'sex in the city ' chandelier style.

Your will receive 1 stand as pictured full of real glass crystals

The base stand is 45cm diameter by 30cm tall 

The bottom plate on each stand is round in shape and has a mirrored effect finish

The stand has a commercial grade 5mm thick Acrylic base structure that requires minimal assembly( approx 5 minutes)-  of just 3 screws into the centre rod and 6 screws into the other rod supports on the top and bottom plates.

Lights can be purchased separately if illumination is required from our decorations section here

Do not stack your cakes to high. 3-4 normal height cake tiers max .This wiil avoid to much movement. When assembling put the heavier cake at the bottom not in the middle or top sections when using this stand as it is a single central pillar design so dont make your structure top heavy and please bare in mind that so some movement is quite normal with this styel of stand

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